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UNLIMITED, automated wholesale of BLUE LOTUS/Lily, NYMPHAEA CAERULEA at Schmerbals Herbals!

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YOU WANT IT!  WE GOT IT! All the Blue Lotus!  We did the math and we have all our clients needs covered.   Not a client?  Join today!  Nearly 1000 kg in stock stateside, all harvested in 2022.  Now packaged at the source in vacuum sealed packs!  We always keep it fresh!

Gone are the days of 5 kg limits on Blue Lotus, Nymphaea caerulea, flowers folks!

We have been building warehouses, drying facilities, processing buildings, and many new ponds, on this side of the world all the way around to Thailand.  All these efforts have paid off and we are now fully producing with no shortages in the foreseeable future.


And we couldn't have done it without our most excellent clients.  You have stuck with us throughout the years and we are here now because of EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU!

Wholesale is now automated on our website. No more need to email or wait for a quote or invoice. Just easy-peasy ordering anytime on any quantity!

Order 5 items from our bulk and wholesale department and get an automatic 25% discount! with free shipping within the contiguous US also!

Have need of an item we do not yet offer in wholesale sizes?

Just let us know what you desire and we will post it in kg sizes if we are able!

Contact us here: info@schmerbals.com