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African Dream Herb, Entada rheedii, 2X Tincture / Liquid Extract ~ Schmerbals Herbals®

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All Natural African Dream Herb, Entada rheedii, 2X Tincture / Liquid Extract in 40% Grain Neutral Spirits ~ Sacred Herb and Spices from Schmerbals Herbals®

This is a liquid extract with the concentration of 2:1 weight/volume in 40% grain neutral spirits. NOT AN ESSENTIAL OIL
Double Strength Standardized Liquid Extract
The Grain Alcohol is NOT All Natural; only the base product is all natural
Ingredients: 80 proof Grain Neutral spirits, Entada rheedii inner seed meat, maltodextrin
1ounce (30ml.) of liquid extract contains the equivalent of 56 grams of plant matter.
1 dropperful (approx. 20 drops) is approx. 1ml.
Approx. equivalent of 1.8 grams of plant matter is in each ml
Wishing you well in all of your creative herbing adventures!

~ Schmerbals Herbals

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This product is sold as a botanical sample only.